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Regarded as the ‘coins’ of the Xbox live Marketplace, the Microsoft Points system has been designed so that you as a consumer will be able to purchase items within this ‘realm’ without the need of a credit card. This universal system will work across all regions and borders, making online gaming and media both accessible and simple to use.

cheap microsoft pointsYour Microsoft Live Points will also give you the chance to ‘rent out’ hundreds of films or popular TV shows. Your Xbox Microsoft Points will therefore offer you a wide range of online products for your own personal gaming needs, and also for your family’s entertainment. Your Microsoft Points will also allow you to purchase demos of games that you are interested to try out; this takes place in the Community Games section. You will also be able to buy individual pieces of equipment to enhance you position and knowledge in certain games such as weapons or maps.

Your Microsoft Points will not only allow you to buy games, demos and add-ons to specific games, but you will also be able to view and download your favourite TV shows and watch the latest movies. Microsoft Points allows both Silver and Gold Members to boost their entertainment experience, this opens up the Xbox Live Marketplace to all whom wishes to join and enjoy.

So where is the best place to buy Microsoft Points? At Cheap Xbox Live codes, we offer competitive prices on all our Microsoft Points products for both EU and US Points. We sell 2100 Microsoft Points and 4200 points for the UK and Europe, and 1600 Points and 4000 Microsoft Points to the US market. We pride ourselves as being one of the UK’s most popular online gaming suppliers, with thousands of verified buyers from all around the globe.

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