£35 PlayStation Network Card UK

£35 PlayStation Network Card UK

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Manufacturers Description
System in place that allows users to report another player who has broken the Xbox Live Terms of Use
System for Parental control in place, the ‘Family Setting’ limits children’s exposure and giving parents peace of mind.
A common way of buying games now is to buy online and download it. This is becoming extremely popular for PC with applications favour over going to a shop and buying the game. It usually avoids need for licence keys and compatability issues and means that if you are lazy (like me!) you can still sit on your comfortable seat and not have to move to get your hands on new releases. Same now applies for consoles like the Sony Playstation 3. Downloading content has become increasingly popular. You need two things for it. One is a fast internet connection which essentially every household with someone over the age of 10 has!. Another thing is a credit card, which isn’t at everyone’s disposal and here’s where the problem lies.
Thankfully, Sony have sorted this out with Playstation Network Cards (PSN). Introduced in the UK in 2009, these cards are basically just online wallets. You purchase a card and use it just like you’d use any gift voucher. £20 card will get you £20 worth of credit which can be used on the Playstation Network to download various software. You can top up with more credit whenever you like from a vendor, which will probably be sprouting up in most game shops around the country. These can be used by children ages 6 and up. The content varies widely of what you can download. Some examples would be games, demos, map packs, expansion packs and other content that would not be sold in a shop, such as classic Playatation 1 titles. PSN cards will also work on PSP.
Purchasing is simple. When you buy content on the stores, it’s saved in a download list. This copy of the game is now yours can be installed on up to 5 different Playstation 3?s. There is a downside however. It’s worth noting that you can only purchase on the store relevant to the country where you bought the card. For example, if you buy a card in the UK, you can only download games from the UK store. You won’t be able to download from an American store and vice versa. This isn’t a problem if you are staying in the same place but it’s worth remembering for people doing a bit of travelling.
Happily, the content isn’t limited to being strictly game related. The Playstation Store houses movies, add ons for PSP, shows, TV series and even digital comics. The store actually makes the most out of the console as a multimedia centre. This makes it an ideal gift, especially if it’s coming up to Christmas and you’re a bit old and out of touch and you “haven’t got a bloody clue what those kids want on their gamestation machines!” Just stick a PSN card in the envelope and let them do the hard work instead.
Where do I get them?
You can buy PSN cards from us at www.Electronicfirst.com
At the moment PlayStation cards are available in £20 and £50 denominations for the UK and $10, $20 and $50 for the US
How do I redeem them?
After purchasing a card, follow these three simple steps:
1. Sign in to PlayStation Network on your PS3, your PSP or a PC using Media Go
2. Head to PlayStation Store and select the Redeems Codes icon at the top of the page
3. Enter the 12-digit code printed on the card and the funds will be added to your wallet instantly
Are there separate cards for PlayStation 3 and PSP?
No, You are free to spend your points for both PS3 and PSP.
Do the cards have an expiry date?
Your PSN card must be redeem within 12 months of purchasing from us. Once you have redeemed the card, the funds will remain in your PlayStation Network wallet until you decide to spent.
for more information please visit www.uk.playstation.com
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