PlayStation Plus 1 Year Membership [UK]

Playstation Plus 1 Year Membership [UK] Instant Email

Playstation Plus 1 Year Membership [UK]

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  • Product Details: Playstation Plus 1 Year Membership [UK]
  • Platform: Playstation
  • Region: UK
  • Delivery: Emailed to your email address registered at the time of checkout
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PlayStation Plus 1 Year UK Membership

This 12 month PlayStation Plus membership will allow you to play multi player and single player games online.If one of your friends does not own a game but you do, they can play with you online. 

Multimedia Land

Turn your PlayStation into a device that caters for all your needs. Be it gaming, watching On Demand series, BBC iPlayer, Sky Go, Netflix and lots more. 

Cloud Storage

Sony’s cloud servers will be on hand for cloud back and cloud storage, save games, movies and any other app. You will be able to retrieve data stored on your account via the Sony cloud onto any PS4, PS3 and PS Vita you own. 

How will I get my PS PLUS 1 Year UK membership?

We will send you the card via our instant email delivery system. You will receive a jpeg image as an attachment sent to your email address.This PlayStation Plus membership is also available in a 90 day form.Please click here to view our 3 month PS Plus membership here
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