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Xbox Live now adds Facebook and Twitter

Xbox 360 facebook_twitterMicrosoft is now planning to increase its social interactive features on Xbox 360 by combining social networks such as Facebook and Twitter into its Xbox Live online services.

Xbox Live users will now be able to follow and keep in touch with friends without the need to log into their PC’s. This move will allow Microsoft to gain a significant advantage over its rival console Nintendo Wii by making it more interactive and not just a gaming console used for physical exercise! This announcement came at the annual E3 video game conference where Microsoft also unveiled its latest games releases. This is huge step by Microsoft and it is now moving swiftly towards it’s goal of making the xbox 360 the most interactive next generation games console available.

29 August 2009

Microsoft have confirmed that Xbox Live users will definately require a to be Gold Membership Subscription if they wish to have access to both Facebook and Twitter, Silver Membership users will not have access to this.

Microsoft’s press release says:

“Xbox LIVE Gold Membership will be required for Twitter and Facebook when they are available, and is required for Netflix. Games, media content and Netflix membership are sold separately; a hard drive is required for storage.”

When These extentions to Xbox Live are lauched later in the year, only Gold subscribers will have acess to these applications. This press release is not too specific, and only confirms that the social networking add-ons (Facebook and Twitter) will arrive later “this fall,”.

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