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EVE Online is a massively multiplayer game where tens of thousands work, compete, play and fight in a dark and dangerous sci-fi world. It’s a beautiful place, and is about to become absolutely gorgeous.

Prepaid game time code with a brand new code that can be used to create new EVE Online accounts and pay for EVE Online subscription.

Being activated 60-days of game time will be added to your game account.

What is EVE Online?

eve online 60 day time card
EVE is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMORPG) that is around 20.000 years following our times in a galaxy on the other end of the universe. When you enter EVE you take on the position of a recently graduated „Capsuleer“, a reasonably small crowd of selected spaceship pilots proficient in taking control of great spaceships individually from inside their capsules. Capsuleers are sometimes regarded as “The immortals” because of the extremely sophisticated capsules they are linked to from the inside, they can instantly download their consciousness to a genetic copy of themselves for fear of bodily destruction.

What make EVE online different from other MMORPGs…

  • In EVE you are given the opportunity to be in control of your own destiny. Your character begins from one of four peoples that occupy the EVE universe but aside from somewhat dissimilar starting abilities, you are liberated in taking your character in any route you choose. You are not constrained by character rank or specific professions. What you may decide to do, the choice is yours. You can play alone, form a group, or look for entry to the bigger corporations and grouping already well-known. The EVE Unviverse and its 5000 distinctive solar systems are yours to travel around and overpower.
  • Eve is a sole “shard” virtual world. This means that every person who takes part within EVE happens to be part of an identical world and the same community. In EVE you have the chance to influence more than 200.000 other players, as all EVE players are a piece of the same continual cosmos, hosted on the world‘s most powerful gaming server yet. The industry standard for MMORPGs will only allow players to interact with a few thousand as the game is usually run on many smaller servers. With EVE every player is on the same platform within the same universe.
  • In EVE, you buy skills which then coach you in real time until ended. The skills will train your character even though you may be offline. Skills give you countless abilities. Several may permit you to fly certain selections of ships or use a specific weapon. Every skill has five steps which every single one will give the exact percentage bonus in whatever discipline they influence. Each level will nevertheless take progressively longer to train up. Players will therefore constantly be confronted with the option of concentrating on a specific field, or use up the skill training time evenly on lots of diverse fields.

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