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xbox live gold 1 month membership instant email deliveryxbox live gold 3 month membership instant email delivery

xbox live gold 12 month membership instant email deliveryxbox live gold 12 +1 month membership instant email deliveryWhat is Xbox Live?

Microsoft’s online service for gaming and content distribution is Xbox Live.

Xbox Live is for the Xbox and Xbox 360 video game systems.

Xbox Live lets you participate in online activities, below are just some of the online features:

Play games against people online.

Download the latest demos

Download the latest trailers.

Download full games in the Xbox Live Arcade.

You will have to choose a unique user name which will be known as your “Gamer tag”. Your Gamer Tag will become your identity and how the Xbox Live online world will know you.

You can prioritise your friends list and even have them in the order you would have in something like msn messenger. You will also make new friends and competitors which can also be organised in importance of how you want them to be. These unique features will allow you to keep in contact with real life friends and your new virtual friends all in one. There is no limit to the Xbox Live experience, you will be entering a virtual world with no known boundaries.

In order to use Xbox Live you must have access to an original Xbox or the later version of Xbox 360 gaming console. The next step will be having an Internet service provider such as AOL, BT, Talk Talk, Virgin etc. Your Internet service connection must be a broadband connection, a older styled 56k modem will not allow you to use Xbox Live as it will not have sufficient bandwidth to deal with the online stream.

In order to access Xbox Live you must purchase a membership subscription. These subscriptions are available here at and are offered much cheaper than retail outlets. Membership subscriptions are available in the following formats:

1 Month, 3 Months and a 12 month membership.

The subscriptions are divided into two different levels of services offered; Gold and Silver. The silver service is a free service and allows you to chat with friends and download certain content from the Xbox Live marketplace. The Silver service will also allow you to share your Gamer profile with other gamer or users, but this service will not allow you to play online games against another gamer. The Gold service is the superior service offered by Xbox Live and along with all the benefits and features of the Silver service you will be able to play online and enter the virtual realm of Xbox Live and experience true virtual pleasure. The Gold membership service is a paid service and only available to members with a valid subscription card.

New to Xbox Live on the Xbox 360 is that there are two levels of service. The Silver level is free and lets you download things from the Xbox Live Marketplace, chat with friends, and share your gamer profile with other users. You can’t play games online, however. The Gold Level is a paid service and gives you all of the Silver level benefits along with the ability to play games online.

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